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Nena's Organics

Plant-based, organic health and beauty products

Plant-based, organic health and beauty products

Plant-based, organic health and beauty productsPlant-based, organic health and beauty products

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Are you tired of products that contain dangerous preservatives, pesticides or carcinogens? Nena's Organics designs and creates plant based, organic health and beauty products for the treatment  eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus,  chapped lips, and dry skin, and exclude chemicals  preservatives, alcohol and blended with love. 

Skin Ailments

Extensive experience with dermatitis allows me to guide you to healthier skin. Client success stories reflect my ability to help future clients improve  their health with our organic health and beauty products.  


My own journey to finding and maintaining healthy skin has given me insight  to the many challenges one encounters, and leads to empathy, respect, and compassion for others.  

Don't see what you need?   We specialize in crafting custom blends for your special event. Let us know what you have in mind in the Contact Us section.

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